Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dinner, a dirty kitchen, and a thrown pone

So for dinner tonight I thought mini pizzas sounded cute. The girls got to make their own and Aggie got one that was onion free! When Stephen came home I had already made his and left it in the warm oven so it would be warm. He had told me on the phone that he was hungry and wanted to know when I would have dinner ready. When I told him I would start on it as soon as he got here he sounded annoyed. Hence the reason I made it ahead. After the girls and i ate our food and settled down to watch some well deserved Scooby Doo. He came home I thought I saw him eat and throw something in the corner... What he threw I wasn't too concerned with t]just though it was something the kids had drug out... I had aimlessly been hoping I could get him to Cleon the mountain of dishes in the sink. Since it was his cousins visit that had put them there in the first place. No luck with that. So I began to check my email, facebook, and twitter... As we all do at some point in the day now... I do have to mention that Stephen hate the Internet with a passion and that my laptop would never have seen the light of day had it not been for my grandmother and uncle who resurrected it from its grave. I'm just fortunate enough to have found an unsecured network that i can tap into at times. I then put the children to ed fixed mikey his bottle for the night and let the dog out. Logged into hulu and began to watch season 2 of buffy the vampire slayer! After finishing the first episode I went into the kitchen noticing his cell phone in the corner. That's what he had thrown.. Why? I don't know we just spent over $700 purchasing and activating them. I know that the bill was higher than what he wanted it to be and that our service here inside the house sucks. but isn't it like that in the hill of KY? C'mon really would someone please tell him that.. Well upon getting then to the fridge is when I noticed that he didn't even touch the two pizzas I had made for him. Didn't even move them from the pan... So I patiently picked up his phone noticed that the battery was dead and headed to the bedroom where he was in bed watching some Chris Farley movie he'd seen more times than anyone really wants to count. I plug in his phone and turn it on because I know the alarm is set. Then I as if that's what he threw in the corner... He doesn't respond, then i ask why he didn't eat. No response. So I ask if he ate when he dropped his cousin off at his grandparents. I get a "I had one slice" WTF? knowing I was fixing food when he came home he goes ahead and eats throws an expensive phone in the corner and expects me to be ok with it? When I ask if he minds doing the dishes he rolls his eyes at me and returns to his show... I'm sorry but I can't sleep with him if hes' gonna be an asshole about nothing. Why do we put up with ass holes or husbands? Anyone know? I wonder this all the time. I know I'm a house wife and I should be thankful that I can stay home and care for the kids. But I find myself wishing for a job so I can get out of the house and have life again... At least have money that is mine and i Can spend it on things that the kids need or at least be able to afford Daisy badges and such... things we don't need but I find are important. How about money for diapers and rent? Oh laundry detergent. I have found that because I don't make the money i have no say in how its spent and I'm growing tired of it... I'm part of this household and I do have that right. If he wants clean clothes and food on the table... Forget that he's not even eating the food I put on the table...


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