Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sparrow Comics

We all have dreams, some of us dream big others small. Some like to keep a couple of both. One of my life dreams was to open a small local comic book shop. In the last few weeks I’ve started the remnants of a little comic trading. I’m not making a lot but, I am making money. Granted its all on ebay and not a solid brick and stone store, at least it’s a start on my dream.

I’ve decided that I’m gonna keep collecting, trading, and selling comic books of all sorts. I’m calling it Sparrow Comics, and evetually someday, I’ll have it painted on a door or window or on a sign. I’m gonna be, not only that girl that works at Sparrow Comics, but the girl that owns Sparrow comics! We gotta dream that’s just one of mine!

My inventory, granted, I’m just starting out, I think I’ve got a good start.

Star Wars Annual Issue 1. august 162








Superman Comic Vintage 1981

august 166









Star Wars Comics 1982august 163







Star Wars Comics 1981

august 165

Like I said it’s small but it’s a start, a great start!


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