Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a moment.

Ok, I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently. I usually stay connected to the internet and my facebook. I take intervals where my mind need a little R&R. Facebook, I must admit is better than minesweeper. So, I just got over a huge brain freeze. I’m back on my game and kicking some serious tale. I thought for those who are interested, you’d like to see my desk, my working station. This is what I do to reenergize.

fall 018







fall 019

fall 020 

fall 021

fall 022








fall 023

You’ll notice I’m about to have some brain food, hahaha! I try to keep it un cluttered, but if you know me that’s really impossible. I’ve got pictures of some very happy moments in my life. The leapord print picture frame was a present from Cara! In it is an old picture of Stephen and I when we were first dating.  Behind it are my stack of book I’m currently reading. The Last Precinct, The Pact, IT, and Shadow Dawn. I have my journals and address book, on top of that is Josie and the Pussycats vhs (I’m not entirely sure why that’s there). Then I have the picture of Stephen when he first saw and held Chloe. I like to keep happy things around me. On the wall is my bulletin board, this is where I try to keep important reminders and pictures of my kids and Lexie!!! I have the pictures the girls have drawn me, and their art work from school.  Well that’s my desk!!!


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