Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T.V. Tuesday Huge

Well, I don’t have a craft for TV Tuesday. Because I’m hooked on Huge at the moment. Honest, I just started watching it last night. I’m like on episode 5. It reminds me sooo much of being a teen and being back at camp and remembering all those dreaded summer romances. Ok, romance… We’ll leave it at that.

But the greatest thing about remembering all those past years is that they brought me my best friend! She’s the greatest! Even though she and I live 200 miles apart we’re still close. I treasure her friendship more than anything. I’m able to tell her my secrets and know they’re safe. Once apon a time she and I were only able to keep in contact through snail mail and expensive phone calls via phone cards, which I think are a ting of the past now. With the new social networks and internet it’s so much easier to keep in touch. One of my biggest regrets is she hasn’t met my children though Natalie is so much like her it’s not funny. Serious, how many 5 year olds do you know that can sing show tunes and tell you who Kristin Chenoweth is simply from the sound of her voice?

So, today I recommend you do two things. Check out my BFF Cara’s blog, Country Girl/ Theater geek, and Check out Huge starring Nikki Blonsky.  


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