Friday, February 25, 2011

The Return of the Mojo!

I still haven’t got my crafty mojo back, but I’m working on it. Thanks Maggi for letting me know I’m not the only one who loses it.

As I’ve been working on getting it back I’ve discovered, I really enjpy my Coca-Cola, A LOT! So, much so that I racked up close to 300 coke points in less than a week. That’s 3pts per bottle…  Right, that’s a lot of Coke. So, I decided I’m gonna quit caffeine. I’m now on day three or four, I’ve already lost count, but I’m happy. Not a alert and a bit more irritable, but that’s all part of it. I hope. I did have a wee bit of a set back, the first day I passed out. The second day was a little better, but I was on a chocolate binge, it’s had to say no to Lady Godiva truffles, they’re my kryptonite. But, yesterday was the killer. I passed out again, then after eating, waaaay to late in the day thought.

“Hey, idiot when was the last time you checked your sugar?”

It was 44. I’m supposed to be keeping it above 50. Which while drinking all that soda I was…. Opps on my part.

Since my gall bladder surgery, I‘ve gained a lot of weight, which in my defense has more to do with my digestion of food than my level of activity.  Because of the weight gain I’ve developed hypoglycemia. I’m still new at this and very rarely have trouble with it. Unless I do something as idiotic as change my diet without talking to my doctor. UGG… Today after reading, more closely, some of the pamphlets the nurse gave a few months back, I discovered some of the tell tell signs of low blood sugar. I was irritable, dizzy, unable to concentrate, and my joints were achy (not to be confused with a breaky heart.) So, today I checked my sugar first thing, It’s 53, which in some crowds is still low, but in the levels where the Doctor wants me to be. I’m still, irritable, but that could be other things, like lack of caffeine for one, or having a house full of children off from school today and no husband home to help… But, I’m not complaining, like I said I’m just irritable.

On an up side, I started work on a new hat for Aggie. With her self given hair cut, I’ve been pushing her little hat for awhile now. I just thought it couldn’t hurt to have a few more options. Not that it’s ugly or anything I happen to adore it! It was my FIRST, crochet project.  I made three actually, all the same each a different size, one for Aggie, one for Natalie and one for myself. It was also made with my first attmept at recycled yarn. Aggie Loves this hat, wears it I think mostly because I tell her it goes great with her “New Haircut” I just thought it was time for a new one.


This new one one is made from Lily Cotton,  It fits perfectly, and I love the colors. I think it’s perfect for spring wearing! I just need the perfect over sized bow to go with it.


So, Cheers to the return of my mojo!!! WOO HOO!!!


Maggi said...

Ah yes, mojo is a merciless bitch goddess. LOL Glad she's come back around to your side, these hats are adorable!!!

Sorry you've been dealing with all the health issues, good luck kicking the Coke!

Cara said...

I hate to say it, but welcome to my world. I hope you get it straightened out soon. Your crafting mojo is too cool to have to go without for long.

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