Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Covering The Fluffy Patoot.

I, as many other cloth diapering mothers, have faced the terrible fact that from time to time we have to cover those cute little fluffy bums. Putting reasons behind us, that's not the issue at hand at the moment, we've come to discover that all those adorable baby sized garments are not exactly fit for our fluffy patoots. This is where the maxaloones have come to play. I myself have found several WAHM creations that I've coveted, drooled over, and bid for. Well, today I decided I can make a pattern like that, even though I've been refereed to a free japanese  pattern online, I want to have my own design, that way I can say it's my creation, change what works and doesn't, possibly sell the pattern or finished product or both. With all that said, I've taken my mad skillz yo, and in an hour or so, However long Frozen is. I made a pair. Once the pattern is at perfection, I will digitize and perhaps offer it for download over a weekend. In the meantime, here they are, in progress. When I decided to sell, I would like to note, they will have a surged finish on the inside, will not be refashioned as this pair is, and I'm hoping be made of  organic cotton knit (I'm currently looking at fabric distributors.) 
First Draft Pattern 
Shirt That Lost It's Way. (It made me look fat) 
Ya'll don't know how much it pained me to cut right through Wolverine. 
The Finished Pants.
And on the Bum, whatcha think? 
I’ll have more updated and in action photos tomorrow on my facebook  page and twitter feed. Look me up!


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