Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Diaper Duty–Sunning

So I started sunning our diapers. I had my husband put in a small laundry line for this sole purpose, and the fact that I thought our dryer was going out. Turns out it wasn't I had just forgotten to clean out the lint trap, although in my defense I had been teaching our 10 yr old to do laundry.During this venture I was able to discover three things. 
1. I liked the extra job, making it a habit to go outside even if it were for five or ten minutes. Especially those times I've had to run out and rescue the laundry from the rain. It didn't seem like a job, it was more like a well deserved break from dishes, lunch, TV, and ABCs. 
2. It's not all it's cracked up to be. I don't use a lot of fabric softener on our clothing, and non on our diapers. (that's a HUGE no-no if you were unaware) so my prefolds, most of our AIO, minus our BumGenius, became stiff and uncomfortable for Boobah to wear. It became an extra chore to make him keep his diapers on. Sure what little staining we had vanished, but so did the diaper as soon as he left the changing table. 
3. Timing is Everything. With sunning, it's took much longer to dry the diapers which made me change my routine from once a week to every other day. I like to procrastinate, using up as much of my stash as possible until the next washing. With loner drying times I needed more diapers on wash day instead of my usual two while they tumbled in the dryer. When the occasional accident wold arise I could easily reach in there and pull out a pocket and insert and let the rest finish drying. Line drying I had to wait at least an hour on a pocket and twice that on an insert. 
After nearly an entire week of rain, I've pretty much went back to the dryer. Just for the convince of it, but I've left my line up, just in case, you know, I find the rest of my clothes pins. ;) 
Happy Time Y'all


ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

I don't even own a dryer--I line dry all summer out side and in the winter I have a few drying racks--Take a little getting used to at first but now I've got it down.

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