Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gluten Free Chocolate Donut Holes!?

Who doesn’t love donut holes? I could blame them for my extra five pounds I can never seem to shake off. (Ok so realistically It’s about 10-15lbs but in my defense I only had baby #6, 9 months ago. Today I set out to make chocolate donut holes without yeast, so I suppose these are Cake Donuts. After three failed attempts with cocoa powder and the finished product being very dry and slightly gritty, rice flour tends to do that, I remembered a little trick. Pilsbury used to advertise they put pudding in their mix to make the cake moist. With that in mind I went to my cupboard, which I keep stocked with Jello Pudding, which is Gluten Free if you didn’t know, and debated between chocolate,french vanilla, and devil’s food. .Below you will find the results and recipe.


I apologize for the low quality photo, my camera is acting up and I’m depending on my phone for now.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Donut Holes

Donuts are traditionally deep fried, we’re southern and yes we own a deep fryer it would be weird if we didn’t, no we don’t use it for every meal. I wasn’t in the mood for the donuts tasting like the last batch of onion rings I made, and I really wasn’t wanting to wash our deep fryer so I pan fried these. If you have a deep fryer, go ahead and use it. Heat it up to 350°F.I’m sure these could be baked, I haven’t made it to that point yet, if you bake them let me know!

1 pkg Jell-o Devil’s Food (3.9 oz)

1 Cup Gluten Free Baking MIx (I used Bob’s Red Mill Biscuit and Baking Mix)

1 Cup Rice Flour ( once again I used Bob’s Red Mill)

2 1/2 cups Whole Milk (We prefer Whole milk but if you’re a skim or 2% kinda family by all means use that)

1 Egg (I only had medium, but I don’t think it’ll matter if you have large or jumbo)

1 1/2 cup Vegitable oil for frying.

Preheat oil to 350°F in deep fryer, pan or shallow skillet as I did today.

Take all dry ingredients, Pudding mix, Baking MIx and RIce flour and sift or whisk together.

Add Milk 1 cup at a time, mixing well between cups. I highly recommend mixing by hand unless you have a heavy duty mixer, it gets pretty thick.

Beat the egg then add it to the mixture, mixing well.

Using a spoon or an ice cream scoop add batter to heated oil CAREFULLY one drop at a time. Try not to over crowd else they will stick together making it difficult to turn. Watch them closely, because of the chocolate you will not be able to tell if they are burning until it’s too late. Cut the first finished donut to make sure it’s finished all the way place back in oil if it’s not finished.. If not fully cooked they will still have the garbanzo bean taste, and well they’ll taste like Chocolate Refried Beans. ICK.

After removing form oil place on towel lined plate to cool.

Toss with powdered sugar, making sure it’s GF certified, I’ve made the mistake of not double checking and having Boobah with a rash and tummy aches.

Let me know if you enjoyed this recipe.



Susan Quackenbush said...

These look yummy. My daughter eats Gluten Free and I will share this with her. Thank You!

Megan R said...

Mmm, these sound tasty. And gluten free as well!

tara pittman said...

I will pass this on to my friends who avoid gluten. I dont have a need to be gluten free.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

I've never tried to make donut holes--might have to got on the to do list for summer recipes with my lil baker.

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