Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Carrie Lou Dress

Have you been paying attention? Are you just now joining us?  Well, then, Congratulations, you’ve made it to my first finished pattern download. I will update it with larger sizes as time allows me.
This started out as an idea and a need for a simple dress for Miss Sunshine. I painstakingly edited and revised this until I came up with this perfect little halter dress. Below you will find the tutorial and link to the pattern download.
 Download The Pattern Here
Be sure to download all four pages.
Chose which size you will be making and cut out your pattern, you will need to attach both ends of the skirt together. Hopefully you’ll have tape or glue handy, as the Hubby was sleeping, I couldn’t pilfer long enough to find either, no worries though, Thor was there to help. 004
You will want to have a soft fabric for baby, and one that will have a slight flutter so that the dress lays correctly once on. Not necessary, but I highly suggest ironing your fabric before beginning, I often times skip that step and regret it, as I did during this tutorial. I suggest cutting the cut on fold pieces first, which is the skirt and straps. The arrows point to the end that should lay on the fold of fabric. When cutting the straps notice there is a black star cluster, you will want to mark this either by a marker/pen or a stick pin. (I forgot).  Then cut the four bodice pieces, I usually try to have enough fabric to cut the lining from the same fabric as the entire dress, but if you have a light weight coordinate I say GO FOR IT!  Reminder when cutting the bodice you will notice a color coordinating circles per each size, mark one of each on your facing fabric.  One mark should be on the tip end the other near the 90°angle.

Once you have all your piece cut, iron, don’t iron it’s up to you. You should have 8 pieces total. 2 Straps, 4 Bodice, 2 Skirt.
Start with the strap pieces, fold them in half vertically, and sew from end to the marked point. (Star Cluster) They should look like this. 006
Take the ends that are not sewn in half and attach them to the front bodice piece.

Then lay both the front bodice piece and the lining piece front sides facing and sew both sides and the top, pull right side out then place your piece on top of each other, lining up the marks from earlier. You can tack these together, sew across the bottom, or sew the top layer angle. Pick one, they all work, if you plan to add a flower or bow on the front, you might want to sew the top layer angle. (Just a little advice)

Now you’re ready to put the skirt together! Super simple too, pattern sides facing on each other sew one side. Then sew the bottom hem, you can do a simple 1/4 inch hem, double over dress hem, or bring your own ribbon and do fold over hem. For this go, I did the 1/4 inch hem. Remember you’re only sewing one side together; it makes sewing it to the bodice soo much easier.
Here I for got to take pictures, don’t fret though it’s super simple. front sides facing, you want the side seams to line up,so lay one end of the skirt to the bodice and be prepared to make some pleats. I made 10 and tried to keep them even making the other hem line up to the end of the bodice. Now,sew the other side seam, line up the bottom hem so it doesn’t look crooked. Now you want to sew the top hem in the back of the skirt, this will also help to secure the bodice seams. I highly recommend doing a 1/4 inch hem, it looks the best, you can try to do a hidden elastic hem, but it just complicates the pattern and the elastic length.

Using the elastic guide cut your elastic, un-stretched. If you tossed the guide here are the measurements.
0-3 and 3-6 mth 4 1/2 inches
6-9 mth 5 1/2 inches
9-12 mth 6 1/2 inches
You can make the 0-3 smaller I did for the initial pattern, but found the larger length made the dress fit longer.
Line up the elastic with the middle of the back of the top of the skirt.(wow doesn’t that sound complicated?) Secure with a stick pin in the middle. Stretch and secure to the dress with a large zigzag stitch. Remove the pin when you come to it and continue to stretch and sew until there is no more elastic left.

Now you’re ready to for the finishing touches. Fold in you’re strap tips and sew across the tops. Snip all stray threads, and put on your Miss Sunshine. Post your pictures to the Colliding Universe Facebook Page.  

Happy Sewing!


Chelle Thompson said...

Love this! What a cute tutorial! I love little baby summer clothes, especially baby girl clothes! Thank you for sharing!

Andrea Ryan-Nugent said...

So adorbs! Thanks for sharing!

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