Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Welcome! You are either a loyal follower, close friend, or just plain curious. You've been cheated on or you're the cheater. Here I want to show you the evolving emotions involved when you find out the one and only person you've pledged your life to has cheated on you.

First off it's the most depressing thing in the world, your stomach drops you feel empty as if you haven't eaten in a week and yet you feel as if you couldn't eat for another week. You would rather be dead than living in the reality that all the reassurance and comfort you've been told and given is all a lie.

Then you you begin to enter the "I've done something wrong". You will do almost anything to keep what you've worked so hard together. There are different varieties to this, you either confront with confidence or you grovel beg and plead. These two songs sum that up pretty much perfectly.

Soon here after the anger will take hold, how you act on that anger greatly depends on you're level destructiveness.

Eventually you will get to a place where you will stay or go. You will either harbor resentment or forgiveness. You will either leave or go.

It all depends on how deep that love is and why you're in this situation to begin with. Is it worth working out? Are you willing to work things out, can you trust again? My answer as was his Yes. Yes we can and yes we will. Here for you is Our song.

I just needed to share the range of emotions I've gone through and overcome in the last two days. Its journey, for sure nothing I can't handle though. I always come out on top.


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