Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TushMate News

TushMate just reveled a new Sunny Yellow Color that will be available this September! They will be revealing another new color, a PRINT and a new NewBorn size diaper at the ABC Kids Expo in September! Starting on July 31st you can enter to win a TushMate Diaper on their Facebook Page.

TushMate's New Color

All of TushMate's inserts are made from hemp/organic cotton or organic cotton.
When it comes to choosing an inert, with all the choices out there, it can be mind boggling. With natural fibers like Hemp and Cotton, or synthetic fibers like Bamboo rayon, or the cost efficient Microfiber, the market can be confusing. TushMate offers all natural fibers in Hemp/Organic Cotton or Organic Cotton. By using natural fibers you don't have to worry about what exactly you'r putting on baby's bum. Here are Two charts provided by TushMate for comparison of other Inserts. Worried about the dry time of your inserts compared to your diapers, try line drying your shells while your inserts are in the dryer. I put my inserts in the washing machine for a second spin to help their dry time. I also use wool dryer balls, they absorb excess moisture while bouncing around your dryer, be sure to have separate dryer balls if you use scented essential oils for your regular laundry, the oils can cause absorption issues over a period of time.

600x700_Bamboo vs Hemp

600x700_Hemp/Cotton vs. Microfiber


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