Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lack of Content Renewal Pin-A-Long

I want to begin my four part apology. I've once again neglected my readers. I in no way planned to do so, and I am preparing a come back.
I had, if you're a follower and been paying attention, a hic-up in my marriage. Nothing serious or anything I couldn't handle without a Louisville Slugger. *jk jk* (sort of it just didn't come to that) It was just a shock that was enough to knock me off my game. My ego, perhaps self esteem is more appropriate, suffered a huge blow.
Those close to me are well aware of my past self esteem issues, which in the teen years isn't uncommon, in adult hood, it seems like a huge loss. To feel perfect, well at least to that one certain person, only to find out, hey you're not that hot, jack. (ok so I may have watched a few past episodes of Duck Dynasty prior to this.)
I'm finding my way back up, opened the communication lines again, and took more than a few deep breathes. Without saying too much, marriage is not easy, love is even less so. Love is the one thing that will break you the most because it made you whole to being with.
There have been a few added bumps and both of us have had to change numbers and email address, due to harassment issues from other parties. That was a bittersweet parting, I have had my email address since 2000. As with every new journey there should be a celebration. The hubby and I have finally set a date for our Vow renewal, and are beginning the process of planning. Everyone is invited to help in the planning process, follow my board on pinterest for my ideas. Follow this board and add your pintrest URL here and I will add you as a contributor and get to see ya'lls ideas for our special day!  Each new pin will be considered as a entry for a weekly giveaway. Start pinning now, the giveaways will start Next week 8/17/14. Each pin idea we chose to use will then be added to a drawing, using, for the grand prize. Everything is still coming together so keep your eyes out for more.


Melissa Vera said...

What an awesome way to get readers involved. Thank you for being so honest about what is happening in your life. Hope you have many happy years together.

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