Thursday, August 28, 2014

Looking to make some money with your blog?

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Fellow blogger, are you looking for a few ways to make a little money with your blog? I discovered, Earn Cash!, an affiliate marketing network. By pairing me with merchants I have generated over $100 extra last month. When you sign up for Share-A-Sale, you earn affiliate money when readers click through your links and make purchases from the companies with which whose programs you have chosen to work with. Some of the partners even offer BONUS posts and will pay you $% to $20 for a pre-written post featuring their products or services, sharing on facebook/twitter/instagram, or simply by placing banners on your blog. Some of these companies offer free products in exchange for a paid review of the product.  I am currently earning $100 from bonus posts a month. It's free so there's no catch, just a little cash. ;D 

Here are some of the companies I am aware of that have current bonuses right now.

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Madison Reed - Get Free Hair Color and Paid $20 for Review

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