Saturday, October 25, 2014

TushMate News

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TushMate News! 

TushMate Globe print diaper

Last Month (September) TushMate introduced their very first print, Globe. Globe was met with great reviews. Each diaper is printed identically with both front and back continents facing right side up! No bum placement issues as found with other competitors.  Also with the introduction of Globe TushMate showed us their newest addition of the TushMate AIO Newborn!

TushMate Newborn Diaper

TushMate offers two different sizes and two different organic fiber inserts. Hemp/Organic in both regular size and long. For those of us with hemp allergies, like myself and youngest of my hoard, an organic cotton offered in long. They also have an amazing Snap-in Liner.
Don't forget that TushMate revamped and improved their, already amazing, system and design to better fit the needs of us consumers.  You can see the new improved version here. 


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