Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Passports

Little Passports 

A Global Adventure.
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Little Passports is a one of a kind educational mail subscription box for children to learn about the world and cultures that surround them. Children get to follow Sam and Sofia around the USA and The Globe through letters, maps, stickers, souvenirs, field guides ect. Each box made specifically for a region or culture. 

There are two editions to chose from.

1. Little Passports World Edition where children can learn about the all cultures and countries along with Sam and Sofia. The first month Explorer Kit comes in a (mini) suitcase accompanied by a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, passport, stickers, online access to games. Each subscription hereafter comes with country specific, souvenirs, activity sheets, photos, letters, and stickers. 

2. Little Passports USA Edition, children can learn about the 50 states of America. The First Discovery Kits comes with an USA field guide, letter from Sam and Sofia, map, camera, and scratch book. Each month teaches about two states through an activity travel journal packed with post cards, stickers, and pop out models. 

I think this is an awesome addition to the growing trend of subscription boxes. Children need to learn about the cultures surrounding them and far off. Teaching children exotic far off places and lets them know how big the world is and full of history Teaching them about how different things are just outside their door, lets them see diversity and grow acceptance for those different from themselves. Dare I say it, this could lead to World Peace? Perhaps??? I don't see where it can go wrong. 


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