Friday, January 9, 2015

Adeline Organic Eye Serum

I Received Adeline's Organic Eye Serum free to review in September. Normally I take 30/35 days to try a product before coming to a conclusion on a product, this particular product, although, gave me amazing results, had me question my skin's reaction and I waited patiently for a response from the company.

I suffer, like many mothers, from the tired eye look, I have 6 kids, so no surprise there. My main issue was, no matter him much sleep I got, how refreshed I felt, I just couldn't get my eyes to show it, they looked puffy and well just plain tired.

I began using Adeline's Organic Eye Serum in the morning, although it relieved my tired eye look, it left the area around my eyes slightly red. My first thought was it was reacting to my makeup, so I tried three days later an hour after I washed my face. The redness was less obvious and eventually faded well within an hour of use, the results were actually worth it.
The gel application glides on and is soothing early morning, afternoon, or late at night. After the second week of use I noticed that the puffiness was no longer an issues that I needed to deal with daily and was able to lessen my applications to twice a week.

I still have slight redness upon application, but there has never been any irritation, itch, or blistering. The results aero very much worth it.


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