Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bully Sticks Saved Barbie

Ok, that title may be a little misleading, we have more Monster High dolls than Barbie, but you get the gist of it right?
Anyone who has gone through the puppy stage with an indoor dog, (I'm not going to advocate for bringing your pets in during harsh weather, I'm just going to remind you, give them safe appropriate shelter for your local weather) you've had to deal with chewed shoes, toys, and for some reason they ALWAYS love Barbie hands and arms. The moment I discovered Rocket, our puppy who is quickly out growing the kids, preferred them as opposed to our shoes and the girls' doll arms, We have only had one tragic demise, and I heard about it  all week long, my son likes to randomly bring it up from tome to time too. These bully sticks by Best for My Pet are a low odor, and as a trial I purchased a separate brand that claimed it was no odor, Rocket seemed to prefer his Best for my Pets brand. I assume it was the sent that he was attracted to.
I can give Rocket a bully stick before we go to bed or leave the house and be very certain that I will come home to no evil misconduct or ill content towards the girls' precious Monster High Dolls. Sure the best remedy would be to out the dolls out of reach, but to be that is the true testament, choosing the bully stick as opposed to the dolls or our shoes, ect,
Two thumbs up, five stars, I highly recommend these to anyone, with a new dog, old dog, rescued dog any dog.

Always treat your animals with kindness, plenty of room, shelter, food, water, exercise and most of all love.


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