Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dirty Laundry

Lately the amount of laundry my family accumulates has come into question. Seriously, I have six children. That's right. Count them.

One..Two..Three..Four..Five..and Six. Six brilliant, beautiful, sassy, blessings that are wonderful at making messes. That makes eight of us in our modest four bedroom home. You can imagine the amounts of laundry that pile up, and its never ending.

I'll be the first to admit, I hate laundry, and I take a day off if we've been to the doctor ( she's a county away), maybe if we've had a family tragedy, or that time I had my gall bladder taken out. It's rare if we miss two days in a row and the two eldest know the ins and outs of our machines and the particulars I prefer for certain loads. It's not like we NEVER do laundry. I gaff at the idea, not really, but it is a dream of mine.

I'm sure you can imagine the piles of laundry my family can acquire in a day. Doesn't sound too hard. Eight of everything, right? It'll all fit in one load? That couldn't be more wrong. To prove my point I took inventory of today's pile before beginning an evening load. Let me give you a visual first.

It is spread out and sorted, here is the low down.

10 pairs of pants

13 shirts

5 pairs of socks

6 bath towels

8 wash cloths

12 dish towels and hand towels

2 blankets (1twin and 1 full)

1throw pilow

1fitted sheet

12 diapers (8 pockets, 16 inserts, 2BG flip covers, 7 BG flip inserts, 1AIO BG freetime, 1 cover, 1 flat)

6pairs of undies



I usually have a hamper to catch it all but with the blankets causing an over flow it was useless. The diapers are usually tossed in the pail/wetbag and the pillow can usually get a wipe down and spay over with fabreeze but since today's incident included milk I'm not taking any chances.

What can I say? I have kids, they have good days and bad days. Sometimes they cant help it, sometime.s they do it on purpose.What matters is, I understand and they get cleaned. Now folding and putting away. I'll save that story for another day.



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