Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poetry from a broken heart

Just some of my poetry I cooked up a few years ago... Couldn't think of anything else approprate for my feelings tonight..

In you as in me.

Tomorrow is coming with a new face
One I will wear with full grace
I wear it for you so you won't see
All the pain and disscord inside me
The rotting and decaying that happens each day
All the tears eating away
Fullfilled I am not I collect my tears in a seering hot pot.
Watch them sizzle and steam away
All the time hiding it with this face
Who am I? You hear me cry,and wipe away the anger and rage that I hide.
One kiss from your lips could take it away
But you step back but not too fast
Only enough to let me see
The pain inside you is the same inside me.
I bow knowing the shame .
This demon inside wants to be free
To breathe the same air as you and me.
To be with one who sees it as meI
 long for you to touch to tame this foul beast
But you turn from the scene
It is then that I see
This demon inside you is the same inside me.
I close my eyes now to sleepIt's your smile that rocks me to sleep
I dream a sweet dream where you are with meYour hand is with mine
You kiss me gently
It's then that I see
The love inside you is the love inside me.


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