Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Problems? What Problems?

So, i have had not one more but two more allergy attacks with Aggie and my tea. I'm seriously thinking maybe I should throw the tea away. But I keep thinking it was a christmas present from the only family member who still buys me presents instead of gift cards or money. She's just at that age I guess where nothing is safe I have to hide poor Mikey's Formula just so she doesn't poor it out one scoop at a time into the floor, mop bucket, dog bowl or my personal favorite the toilet. Just imagine you bathroom smelling like soy baby formula? YUCK! I, sadly, have had to deal with that more than once before realizing that if I put the formula in the cabinet with the green beans I wouldn't have to deal with it at all. But this whole tea thing had me on edge. It's not even the tea bags now I have begun to dispose of the tea bags before I make my way into the living room for my daily tea. I've been careful to drink every last drop of tea as well. But still she finds the cup pretends to take a drink and ends up with another bout of the hives. maybe it's not even the tea, she is allergic to onions and wool (my personal agony) there could be other things in the house she's getting into. Which knocks my hopes of ever getting some soft pink wool for that rocking awesome cardigan I'm wanting to knit. I know I could use cotton or oooo alpaca but I really want the hand dyed wool i saw at the flea market last week end. On an upside Natalie is singing her heart out even more now than before. I think it's spring fever kicking in to overdrive. She sings when she's happy and now she sings when she's sad. At the moment tho her sad song in All I ask of You from Phantom of the Opera. I'm working on getting her some more music she'll like. I love encouraging her to sing and be creative. At the moment I asked her to retrieve the clothing from the laundry and wipe up the floor. She began singing Sing sweet Nightingale from Disney's Cinderella. I love to hear he sing and try to match pitch with other vocals she hears it's great. Mikey on the other hand is having a hard time adjusting to the non quite that is now my home for the budding broadway stars of Kentucky. Natalie an sing a sad song he'll cry, she can sing a happy song he cries, she sings a lullaby he CRIES. lol  What am I to do?


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