Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Fiasco

Well, normally this day is really big in my house. As I started out this morning as I do al mornings with a cup of hot tea (I'm not a coffee drinker) I thought of all the things we may do to celebrate it. After finishing my tea, which by the way was Tim Horton's Apple Cinnamon, I sat the cup with the used tea bag on the coffee table and  began my morning rituals. Eventually I forgot about the cup all together and it stayed planted in that spot until Aggie awoke. I feed her scrambled eggs and toast milk and a little spot of jelly. Then wiped her down and let her on her way. I continued to clean the kitchen dancing and singing along with my Ipod (which was set to my belt it on the fly playlist.). I did this until I heard the sound of my cup being sat down a little too heavily. Realizing what exactly was going on I rushed to the living room to find Aggie tea bag in hand with it to her mouth. Most people would just think ewww. But my Aggie is allergic to cinnamon.
My Aggie
(note this wasn't taken at my house.)
my initial reaction was panic!!! Luckily it hasn't been a sever reaction but I've been on the look out all day and just now realized a little too late that all my ideas were not to be had today. She's still broke out into hives on her tummy and cheek, a few along her arms but that seems to be it. I'm lucky so far that she hasn't had reaction worse than that. You would think you fool why would you have cinnamon in a house with a child that's allergic to it? Well to be perfectly honest I'm normally more careful than that, much more careful. Check the ingredients to all her food that I don't prepare from scratch and ask restaurants if any of their food come in contact with cinnamon or onions (which she's allergic to as well). But today was just one of those days. *sighs* I'll have to plant flowers and make recycled paper post cards with the girls tomorrow I guess.


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