Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do little girls have to like tea parties!?

So last weekend my grandmother and sister found a great find at the local flea market. Some matching piece to my china! If I remember correctly it started out as my grandmother's  flour sack china and I had never seen anything like it before. She had a service for like twenty and was giving it away to my aunt. Being that she and I were the only ones to ever have an intrest in it, I was given service for four when I was married. I've kept it safe and firmly pack and haven't lost a piece. The pattern is just now starting to show up in flea markets and antique shops. My grandmother gave all her's away and yet she still buys piece for herself. This past chritmas she bought  a tea pot that I thought she would give to me/ Surprise surprise she kept it for herself and now has service for six of the pattern now. I was more than pleased that she gave me the entire box that she had come across.
I haven't counted them yet but it has dinner plates, tea cups, tea saucers, creamer and sugar bowl set, a sat shaker, dessert plates, and what I can only say are finger bowls. In general I'm pleased with them I just wish I have as many tea cups t go with the saucers. Up until now I had left them in the box wrapped in newspaper in my sunroom. With the current sun and warm weather lately I have left the doors and windows open ad the kids run free. With that, my toddler Aggie found the box and it's many treasures. I've found her on many occasions with one of the plates in her hand.
This last time I had to laugh and scold at the same time. She had found an empty box left over from move in. Turned it upside down and laid out a tea party on her own. I was livid because it's my china but still it was cute of her to do it on her own . Of corse she was using the creamer as the tea pot and didn't have the saucer and once again the same plate she had dug out time and time again was out too.  So now is two too young for the first tea set? I'm at a loss it this. I've seen beginner set and I wonder if she would even play with them? They don't have the same *tink and shine that the real stuff has. Would it be wrong to go to the flea markets and gather up a real set of knick knack china for my baby girl?


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