Friday, April 16, 2010

Beads and job hunting.

I moved the desk into the living room! Just like I said I would, don't really get the greatest signal from there but, it's easier to type from the desk. I made a batch of beads from a pop bottle today! I think they turned out faitly good. I got the hang of the and can now make then to look much much better. I'm really in a creative mood lol.. I found the cutest beads today on oriental trading and I want them so so so bad. Even tho my beads are super cool, sushi beads are even cooler lol... I really want to start eading again. But you know all this costs money and I just don't have money to spare. I don't even have money to get gas to go to the grocery store. My soon to be ex husband doesn't seem to think I need money nor has he ever thought I needed money. If i needed clothes I'd have to ask him to buy them for me. If I needed, god forbid, pads or tampons, he wouldn't even be a dick and give me the money to get them myself, he'd go get me the cheapest one he could find. You know, the all plastic kind that feels like your sitting on a lawn chair at the pool in the hot sun and your legs stick to it and leave them red when you stand up, those pads. And yet he can go out and buy all the fishing hunting and cowboy movies he wants. It's not like I'm not looking for a job I am. I just haven't gottn any call backs and yes I've even made a few calls to check to see if they have looked at my applications. My biggest problem really tho is finding someone to watch my children no one wants to do it. I think it's because they think I want them to do it for free. On the contrary, I'm more than willing to pay what I can. I know that most babysitters make more than what I can get on the hour but I'm sure there has to be someone willing to watch my kids for $50-80 a week. I'm stressed and I don't know what to do about it. I've got bills than need to be paid and even tho he was here he's not paying for any of it. I've got rent due at the end of April what am I to do?


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