Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Return of the monsters

All four of my children are once again in my care. Not that i'm not excited about that. I have missed them something terrible. But, I'm really not 100% able to care for them at the best of my ability. But, no need to fear, Stephen has decided to be my knight in shining armor. For once at least. Well scratch all that. Lol my grandmother just pulled off with two of my children again. It's a bit of a relief really, I've already exerted myself more than I should have by picking up Aggie and loving on her. I'm on a 10lb limit so her little chubby 28lbs is a big no no. But it was good to have her running around at home for a little while at least. I've missed my kids so much it's really hard to be away from them. I still have my little Mikey and my oldest Chloe here with me. Even though Mikey is a year old now He's only 13lbs. I'm sure that those three extra pounds won't cause too much damage. I do have Chloe do most of the Mikey lifting just in case. Back to my Knight in shining Armor, Stephen had really stepped up his game lately. I'm not sure if it's me being sick or just life in general that's made him realize what he's got in his life. I'm still a little stand offish and wish I could just blow him off but it's nice to have company and a lending hand right now. He's bringing a couple movies home tonight tho i'll have to call and tell hi that's it's just three instead of five. I think he's also wanting to take the kids to the free movies next week, he's been talking about it a lot.
I know that the movies are just last years summer hits hence the reason they're free. But, to the kids it's the greatest, I mean what kid doesn't like a trip to the movies? I know I really liked watching them last year. The trick is getting there early enough to get a seat. We saw Alvin and the Chipmunks last year I'm hoping to catch the Squeakqueal this time around. They play on Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am. And you usually get to chose between two movies this week will be the first in the summer series and the movies playing are.
Doogle and Monsters vs Aliens. Tough choice but it's a good one too that way if we can't see one there's the other. I'm hyping myself up for this I know I get as bad as the kids sometimes lol Chloe even tells me to calm down mommy. What can I say I'm a kid at heart.


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