Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today, just another day.

New shoes, I think all days should begin with new shoes. Today however these new shoes happen to belong to Mikey. I bought him a pair of navy blue paid shoes for his birthday and his great grandmother Joan bought him a pair of white leather ones. Though the white ones a still too big I couldn't resist trying them one him. I am happy to confirm that he likes new shoes just as much as I do! He seems to entertain himself with his feet when his new shoes are on his feet and he was so enamored by them that he completely forgot about his Grover, his until now most beloved lovey, well since December.  After getting Mikey dressed, new shoes and all. I got Aggie dressed, and yes she got new shoes too but we didnt' wear them today. Neither did Chloe and Natalie. I had decided last night that we would have a picnic outside at noon and play out there until we couldn't stand it any longer.
Still on the subject of new shoes, I'm missing one of my favorite bright pink Nike flip flops. If I've left at someones house could you PLEASE send it my way I really miss it. Granted they are a year old they are still new to me.
I set out around noon, getting things ready for our picnic, we would have to use the old fashioned stand by and sit on the ground with my great grandmother Porter's old blanket that's really falling apart and should probably put up. But she did give it to me to use as a picnic blanket so, I can't go against what it was purposefully given to me for. Though I'll admit it's almost too small for my family. I grilled hot dogs my trusty George Foreman grill that my father bought me for Christmas when I was 18. His Idea of preparing me for College I guess. Hey can't mess with a good thing I may be the only person who still has one of the original ones that still works lol. It only hold four hot dogs at a time and I usually have to feed five or more when we use it I should upgrade. After the hot dogs were grilled and placed in a bun I sat them on one of my flea market finds, a silver platter that's slightly tarnished ans I should really take the time out to shine it before it's long gone. And we were off, I managed to lay out the blanket with Mikey on my hip and Chloe helping, giving Mikey his afternoon bottle of water, yes I give my baby water. I brought out the hot dogs ans some string cheese and OJ. I had a bottle of Coke, some people may think that it's not fair I drink pop and don't allow my children to have any, I say poppycock! You try handling my children with that much caffeine and sugar. And they don't seem to mind really Chloe most of the time prefer a glass of milk (chocolate, white or strawberry), or water. Orange juice to her was a treat in itself. Aggie is really the only one who I have a problem with over pop. Her great grandmother Joan has had her for the past couple of days and she's notorious for giving children pop. I'm not one of those NO SUGAR moms. I just prefer that my children not have caffeine until they're older. Granted I let them have it on occasion just not on a daily basis. Now with that over with. I decided that after we ate we let Toby out and the kids play with him which always goes over well on both parts.
I went in to let Toby out and came back out with the little bucket of sidewalk chalk once again always a hit with the kids! While the older two took off with a piece of a chalk each Aggie took the entire bucket and sat down in her own little corner of the driveway. I soon notice Mikey making his way across the yard on his belly. I brought him back to the blanket and noticed him falling asleep.
So I took him in for a late nap. Which brings us to now. We're still outside and tho Aggie is wearing down and slightly grouchy they're having a great time. I suggested that we have a bon fire later tonight and roast what hot dogs are left and I think i still have some Smores ingredients left from Mikey's Party. So it turns out that tonight will just as fun as this after noon. I have to admit I'm trying to make up for Stephen giving up his vacation this year so we could pay for some of my hospital expenses that isn't covered by insurance. Long long story don't feel like regaling it for everyone. In the long run we won't be able to have a week long camping trip but I think we might try to have a long weekend trip. The girls have really been excited about going camping granted it'll be in a camp ground still they'll have fun.
Well it's almost 6 pm here and the burn law is in effect until 6 so I guess I;ll close things up here and get things ready for tonight.


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