Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning to Write Again.

I want to be a writer more than anything. I want people to read my works and enjoy what I've written. When I was younger I had ideas original ideas and I wrote everyday. But now, it's hard to come up with plot lines and original characters. I've decided that I want to write about my childhood, my life, tho it may not seem very interesting when you first meet me. I've really been through a lot, I write with my heart and have done so since I was 13. I leave my emotions on the page and I don't leave anything out. I write how i feel and what I did about it. I give my all. If I don't what would the point be? I have noticed tho that not everyone likes the truth nor care how the writer felt when things happened. Case in point, most of my family would disown me if I wrote about my life. Things that I've seen them do behave and act. Without their excuses or blatent lies as to why they behaved in such manners wouldn't be present. Example, there was a fight at my grandmother's house this past Christmas. I saw what lead up to the fight and even confirmed that one person was telling the truth where as another was claiming she lied. I was ignored and the fight continued. In detail, the victor of this fight would hate me for proving she was wrong, or at least seeing my opinionated point of view on the fight. I guess what I'm saying is I want to write but I want people to see my writing for what it really is about. Not get angry because they can't read it and see what's really there. My emotions, my experience, MY REACTION. What I write isn't there to harm, hurt, nor is it some vindictive argument. If I'm hurt as I was in my last post I'll say I was hurt, why I was hurt and what I did when I was hurt. I'm not a professional, yet, but I am human, an adult, and a writer (in my own right). I'm not writing for a news paper, so I'll note my opinions and my views as often as I want.
What I'm trying to say is, if I write my life who else will I anger? Who else will think I'm out to hurt in purpose? Is that going to be my biggest hurdle? Will it stop me?


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