Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers…

So, my crafty side has been going crazy as of late. Patterns patterns everywhere, but not one I can spare. I've made two Cupcake wallets that are really cute, but they have such horrible imperfections at the moments I can't post them to my shop. And my shop is looking really pathetic. I've only got one semi-interesting wallet and a few crafts from Kennedy Quilt shop in it now. I'm wanting to get to work on the ottomans that I'm holding fabric back for. But, I lack the carpenter skills to get them off the ground. I've got the basic pattern, as I do all my crafts, in my head. It's just putting them down on paper or telling someone one what I want. Because the fabric I'm holding back is swatch sized I'm limited on how big it can really be. I'm thinking I might try just making the top myself and having a more experienced carpenter do the base.

On an upside the purple cupcake wallet is adorable. I'll be adjusting the bottom line hem tomorrow or later tonight and might very well post it to my shop.July 089 

July 088July 090 If I actually had  followers I would hold a giveaway. But I'm not so lucky lol... I could hold a giveaway on my twitter, OR my facebook and myspace page lol. I haven’t logged into my myspace in so long with more intentions than getting pictures from there.

Soon, I’m going to start work on my next Idea, a wallet that looks like a turtle. I’ve got some really intense fabric with gold turtle shell details that it’s too good not to try. I guess I could make it and give it to Danielle for Christmas or her birthday! Or it could be a just because your awesome  present. I’m just in an insane creative mood. I spent three days on my banner for my shop and I’ll soon be working on a button to post here, and have for anyone else who may be interested in it. I just would like to have some feed back on my little purple creation. I’m loving it. But My twisted little mind isn’t too good in judging my own work. Everyone always likes their own work better than what it really is. At least I think so.

Well, it’s getting late, I’ll soon be heading to bed after a good soak in the tub and some chocolate, who doesn’t like choocolat before bed? Well, beside’s my sister in law. She’s a freak, but in the most awesome way that there is! Night!


Cara said...

I think it's super cute! :) I'd totally buy it.
You always were the creative one. LOL

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