Thursday, July 1, 2010

Corndogs, fireworks, and gLee?

How can one begin to describe the excitement a child feels this time of year. Or at least the American children when it comes to our Celebration of our nation’s beginning. We’ve heard several bouts of fireworks the last few nights here in town. It only gets my two older girls excited about the fourth even more. For the last few years I’ve fixed the girls corndogs to eat while watching the fireworks. So in their minds corndogs and fireworks go hand in hand.

This past year the world has discovered the phenomenal  show Glee! My daughters and I along with them. Natalie however had taken it to a whole new level. Watching this show has sparked something in her that I didn’t know was there. She has always loved to sing and I, like a good mother, have encouraged it. Here theses last few months she’s decided that she wants to be a BROADWAY star! She listens to any and all music and when she discovers a song she likes she makes it her own. She has a playlist of her own dedicated to the music she’s heard on Glee. Yesterday as I was tucking her into bed she whispered to me that she had an idea for Independence Day. I sat at the edge of her bed to listen. Her idea is she wants to have a concert. All the music form Glee! Starting with On My Own and ending with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She was so excited about it. She told me we could turn the driveway into a stage and everyone could sit in the yard on blankets. But, she got even more excited when I told her we could do a little concert with maybe three songs. When she woke up this morning she had a song list of the songs she wants to sing.My Broadway Diva

1. Somebody to Love. (She already knew this song previous to Glee. She also know the Bicycle Song and We Will Rock You.)

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Even though this was on the season finale of Glee Natalie informed me that she like’s Judy Garland’s performance in The Wizard of Oz much better)

3. Poker Face (Since she heard Idena and Les sing this as a duet “unplugged” she’s been singing and humming this song along with Chloe. So I think this one may very well be a duet.)

With such a huge concert coming my way I suppose I’ll have to make more than 6 corndogs this year. I’m excited to find out if she sticks to this song list, you know how divas are. But with all this commotion I wonder. Should I charge Admission?


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