Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It’s Late Again.

It’s almost three in the morning, I can’t sleep. I keep trying no such luck. I thought about working on a purse or another wallet maybe even some shopping bags. I don’t know. I could post some things onto my zibbet shop. I really want that to work out. Not necessarily for the money, but I want to know that somewhere out there someone likes what I can make. True some of the things I’ve created lately haven’t been 100% Jami, but I’m working with what I got. I have ideas. One includes a small wallet that looks like a cupcake. Another is a purse, same concept, I’m looking into maybe making a purse that looks like a three tiered cake. Thought it would be cute. I’m at a loss really at present with what to do. I want to make things but I don’t have all the needed trinkets/accessories to make them a reality. I need zippers. I want zippers. I thought about posting some of the makeup bags/clutches as a chose your closure. That way I could charge the amount for the Zipper/Flap/Button/drawstring. I’m just not sure anyone would like that I idea. I think I’m just wasting time blogging right now. I could be drawing up a pattern for my cupcake idea, but instead I’m doing this. It could be that I’m just waiting for inspiration to hit. Well, I think I’ll head to zibbet then try to catch a few zzzzs. Until tomorrow


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