Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Love to Last the Ages.

Oh my! What love could Jami possibly be talking about? Well it's my love of reading. Seriously, I love to read and I'll read just about anything. With my OCD I really can't put a book down once I start it. I also feel obligated to finish a book once it's started, I literally go insane if I don't. To prove it I read the incredibly horrible L.J. Smith Night World books. What writer gets published writing about Vampires that are eternally 16-19? her reasoning is that any older and they're bodies cannot handle the change. Seriously, HUGE flaw, motto mention the lack of a plot line. But, at the moment, I'm reading some of the GREATEST books of all time. Ahem, most of them a second time. But, sadly not through our local library, because they have very little to offer in that genre, very little. Of coarse I understand, I would find it hard to give up such great pieces of my personal collection. Case in point, I asked for Treasure Island, one of my favorite authors, Robert Louis Stevenson, I already own three different copies of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.. Hyde. They didn't have it, so then I asked for Moby Dick, sadly I've only read it once, didn't have it. Then I asked for anything by Earnest Hemingway, nothing. I finally was able to find some books by Stephen Crane, three copies of Red Badge of Courage, which I've read twice. So, i haven't been as devoted to the library as I was in the beginning, I have however been scouring rummage sales and goodwill in search for these books. But not so much for myself, I want to find them and donate them to the library. Theses are such GREAT pieces of work. I want people to be able to read them, not watch them on TV or in a theater. As a reader, I find it impossible not to tell the person sitting next to me what should have been in a movie and what they got wrong in the movie. I have found not many people enjoy that. My Uncle Galen tends to do that as well, I think he may very well be my favorite person to watch a movie with simply because he will talk through it just as much as I. I am glad however to say that I have found a lot of these books. But unfortunately for the library they are not hard copies. They are e books. Most of these works that I love to read are no longer bound by copyrights and can be distributed freely through some sights. My favorite that has a good list of the public domain books is www.kobobooks.com, it has about 20 something pages. If you, much like myself, don't have an e-reader/nook/kindle220px-Bouquin_électronique_iLiad_sur_une_pile_de_livre_dehors_au_soleil you can download the books to your computer in a pdf format, which is what I've been doing. So far I've read, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Jane Eyre, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I have also re-read several books, a few to mention are, The modern Prometheus (This book goes by another title but I enjoy being smart, if you can't get it go to the web site and find it!), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Iliad (a book my mother made me read at age 11), The Count of Monte Cristo, and The Scarlet Pimpernel (I failed a senior lit test because I used this book in my essay. My teacher unfortunately had never read nor heard of this book. Pity, it was really her loss. I have the esasy still to this day to prove that I was filed unfairly.) So go ahead, check them out. I'll admit it's hard at first to get into the book, reading it on screen instead of in a book. Not to touch and turn the page, to have a constant glow of the computer screen. That's why I would like to have an e-reader/nook/kindle. But, trust me when I say, theses treasures are worth it. Very much worth it! That's why reading and getting lost in a book, no matter how you do it, is a love to last the ages!


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