Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Been On My Mind Lately

Ok, gentlemen I want to stress this! NO, means no. I know, I know I’m sure you’ve heard it before but I’m talking in a very serious manner. Even if she is playing hard to get, laughs when she says it and flashes you that devious smile that drives you crazy. When she says NO, let it mean no to you. Back off, and tell her that she said NO and you respect that. Don’t let girls play that game with you. Teach her that when she says NO it means NO. Don’t push for the maybe, if she says maybe, well lucky you, you found a gem that can be honest. But, please, stop even if the NO is whispered in a most seductive way it’s hard to resist.

Girls, when you say NO and mean maybe you’re a liar, and not and put not only yourself in danger but other girls. Perhaps you should just say maybe or perhaps. Because when you say NO and don’t mean it, it can lead to days when you mean NO but it’s not believed. I don’t care about your reputation or how much fun the stupid game is. No is a small and powerful word. When you say it MEAN IT!

There have been times that I have said NO and I’ve meant it, but it was ignored because a guy thought I was playing a game. I don’t like backing up my “NO”, with a punch or kick to the groin. So, for the safety of my children, my sister, cousins, niece, and other women/girls in my life I hold dear. NO MEANS NO!!!


Joanna B H. said...

well said.... a very good message that needs to be heard.

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