Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sample Excerpt from J-ME

“I can give you your love back if you so wish it. A chance that you will eventually hear her speak her love. Do you wish this?”

  He could only nod.

“But, it may take many tries, Years perhaps. Do you want this?”

His answer was instantaneous, “Yes more than anything I want Ysabel’s love.”

  “So then it is decided!”

With one swift movement Mauvisin grabbed his hand in it placed a single smooth stone.

  “She must profess her love for you. From her own lips the words must come. Not until she speaks it will you be able to open your heart to her. Years will pass a hundred for each broken piece. You will weave together your love from the scars she leaves behind.”

She released his hand and bid him leave. One outside again he opened his hand, the small stone she had placed there was warm and seemed to gleam form the inside. He stared at it for what seemed an eternity. He knew he recognized it and could not take his gaze from it. The shade and shape matched her almond hazel eyes. His heart broke again and he slept. A hundred years he slept.



This is just a rough draft of the curse that will shape the bases of my story. Critics are more than welcome. I know it’s still very elementary. Things will evolve and change as I do more research and process things over in my head. Still, I’m fairly happy with my idea.


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