Sunday, August 15, 2010

Writing Calls for…

Writing, no matter how creative you feel you are can always give you more than you’ve bargained for. I have discovered that there is a tremendous amount of research involved. That is if you are wanting everything to seamlessly fit together. For example, I’m writing based on medieval fairy tales of magic and love. What I’ve be faced with are names. In 1446 most women we not given surnames. Contrary to what most people have told me by the time the 1440’s rolled around people were no longer named after their chosen trade. Yet there are still names that were not used or had not been mentioned and are not historically accurate. Middle names were non excitant, and hyphenated names were very rare. So I’m looking at every character I begin has at least one days worth of research attached with it. Seeing that my story will be expanding into the 1600’s and then the 1800’s I am also doing a lot of research in how names evolve and changes into some of the modern names we now know. I’m sure if I wasn’t so picky I could write a story be satisfied and it would never be read or frankly no good. So Here’s my thumbs up to all the writers who put the effort and research into what they see is their vision. This is for those who want their imagination to flow seamlessly with time and era. I am hoping to join you not sure when but hope is a good thing!


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