Tuesday, August 24, 2010


a passionate cry

indignant moan

against the dark

no light shown

oh terrible love

that breaks me down

tenderly guide me

where I can’t be found

behind the mirrors

of a forgotten town


your temperament

maddens me

my own enthralls

a simple curiosity

forgotten demands

indecent denial

set before me

where are my friends

hidden away

amongst the stars shinning

desperately against me


my darkened heart

my confidence waives

afraid of more pain

is my imagination

am I still sane


lonely forgiveness

bewitched holiness

linger too long

on my lips

tasting your tears

as they form into mist

thick in the air

as fog in the morn


banish my heart

to the caverns

in the depths

of the ocean beneath

with the wisps of

foamy waves

slowly it sinks


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