Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall sports have begun.

Well, Tuesday was the first football game of the season for the Raider’s Youth Football league. My little girl Natalie was there to cheer and I was being a very supportive and proud mother. I never was one for cheerleaders but when my little girl so desperately wanted to be one I couldn’t deny her.  She’s been practicing forever really really hard. She got her uniform on Monday and we had to rush to put it on Tuesday prior to the game. Once she was in the it, it was like she had transformed from this adorable little baby girl into the cheerleader that stood before me. She looked SO cute. I couldn’t get over how cute all the little cheerleaders were. But the little football players were my favorite. There’s something about little boys pretending to be big boys that’s simply adorable. I mean the little girls were cute too, but they get prissy. Watching the kids play I think may have been the highlight of my day. Seeing them get a touchdown was awesome, how excited they all got. august 034








august 044 

I got tickled at Natalie, when she thought I wasn’t watching she would be a much better cheerleader, jumping, cheering loudly, and even doing a cartwheel or two! I loved it. I never imagined that I would be a cheer mom. But here I am!

On a side note, I found that Chloe, whom I thought was going to be upset and grouchy at the game. She had a pleasant time playing with the younger football players that weren’t playing that day. In fact she played with one boy in particular the entire time! august 047As you can see, she’s either a flirt or the coolest girl there! 


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