Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If only if only.

How many times a day do we say, "If only..."? If we could create the perfect life, the perfect city, the perfect home, the perfectjpb, the perfect mate. We all fantasize, and we all dream. We dream of perfection, money, revenge, glory, change. We fantasize about both good and evil, about winning and losing, about our past and future. Fantasies are what inspire us all; to work, marry, raise families, create, improve our world. It is why we lose ourselves in books or go to movies, watch television, go to the ballgame and on vacation. We dreamed as children and we dream now because without our fantasies we would be lost. We imagine in orfer to lern, to understand, to strive, to attempt, to predict, to avoid, to correct, to describe to solve.
Of course implicit in ever question is "why?" In some sense it is like taking the pulse of a moment in time, or a group of friends, to see what we believe in;to see what world we envision. Whether they are read randomly or in sequence, the responce these questions elicit can lead to extraodinary offshoots; other related questions will occur, and variations on theses and attached caveats nd conditions "customize" the original list depending on who is there to read. Because everybody, old or young, fat or thin, intelligent or not, from one culture or another, has the ability and inclination to wonder.
And so, aside from the truths that are revealed, the contemplation that is provoked, the confidence or anxiety that surfacs, the self-knowledgethat results, or the understanding that might be gained, above all I hope that asking theses questions inspire optmisim, since no matter who or what we really are, we share the ability to traveltogether to the unpredictable journey of the imagination, which leads us throuhg through the wonderful game of life.


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