Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Secret of Bliss Unveiled

OK, so it’s no secret that I love to cook. But, I’m more of and experimental cook. I love creating new flavor combinations or making a twist on an old classic. Granted none of my foods are contest worthy, they are however some of the best most crave-worthy foods I’ve EVER had. Case in point, who doesn’t love funnel cakes?? I have loved them since my first bite in 1989. I remember my mom craving them when she was pregnant with my brother and watched in amazement as my grandmother made three of the best memories in my food eating life EVER!!! I know that most of us go to parades, fairs, and sporting events spot a funnel cake and we HAVE to get one. Just looking at the golden crispy swirls, covered in mounds of powdered sugar, makes my mouth water. Recently, well, not too recently, back in March I noticed that Burger King was offering funnel cake sticks. Being the daredevil that I am I had to give them a whirl. They were light, crispy, and came with the same dipping sauce as they’re famous cinna-bon minis. But they were however few and thin. After a few days of simply craving funnel cakes, I decided that I could make funnel cake sticks of my very own.

At that time I had in m possession a good stock of pastry bags. I made the batter and knowing I wanted a wee bit more control of it made it a little thicker than normal. After heating the oil I put the batter in the pastry bag fitted with one mf my way too many tips. Squeezed it out directly in the pan and flipped them after a few seconds. When they were the perfect golden brown I took them out and placed them on a paper towel lined plate. I now will tell you the secret to bliss. Top them with powdered sugar and dip them in a cream cheese icing…. Trust me on this. If you want the recipe all ya gotta do is ask!!!!


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