Monday, September 13, 2010

Down With the Sickness

I am sooo sick today it's really sort of funny, I sneezed and thought I sneezed out a goober. Like a huge slimy one. I can't find it so now I'm convinced it was my spleen and because my only reference to what a spleen looks like is Rockos Modern Life I don't really know what to look for.6a00cd970d30ae4cd500fa968deaa50003-320pi

I’m so livid on the sinus and cold medicine that I’m don’t even feel like getting into a bidding war on the spider-man/blackcat comics. I am decidedly upset about that. I think if I could manage to crawl to the bath room a hot shower or bath might help, or at least give me the appearance I feel better than I do.

My eyes are slightly bloodshot from coughing all night. My face is slightly swollen from the medicine, and my nose is Rudolf red from the constant running of the mucus inside it. My back hurt becasue I laid in the bed all night coughing. I’m convinced that my couch has better back support than my mattress. After all it is 7 years old now. I would really really like to feel better than what I do.

On an upside, today is my father’s birthday! I’m going with my grandmother and sister to his farm to have chili and pecan pie this evening. I’m sure the girls will convince him to let them ride his horse Sally and maybe collect some eggs. I’m excited that I get to see my baby brother!!! Since he’s moved in with my dad I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. But now I think a hot shower or bath is calling my name. I just have to be sure I get out in time to retrieve Chloe from the bus as Natalie is sick as well!


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