Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I do.

So, if ya’ll didn’t already know. I do have some anger issues. I think it steams from holding in all my thoughts, opinions, and well me just being scared of how people would react. So, to combat that I’ve started crocheting and knitting more. Sa you can see I’ve being going at it as if I were driving the Mock 5. Well, folks be glad be very glad. There are things I want to say to some people, but it’s best that I don’t. I know there are things I can’t change and frankly voicing my opinion, which is never heard nor taken seriously, does nothing to help that. (Oh, and this situation that I’m hinting about has nothing to do with my own home nor that of my sisters or brother. I think that about covers it.) Anyway, here are jst a few of the things that I’ve produced in the last week. Seeing as I only stocked up on enough yarn to get mw through three scarves I’m now at a stand still. I don’t know weather to make a hat to go with the cupcake scarf or make my darling little imp Agnes a peppermint colored cupcake scarf for the holidays. Voice your opinions please, please, please. I’m not going to threaten you with empty drug induced stupidness. (Was that vague enough?)

The Cupcake Scarf. I made this for my BFF who lives in TN. She makes some incredible cakes and cupcakes. She also has an obsession with wearing and collecting fake carbs. I was at a stand still as to make her this or the bacon scarf. But after much deliberating I decided to make this one.

fall 310

The color scheme came from one of her cakes. She made this awesome tie die icing border, and her being the awesome person that she is told me how to recreate it or my daughter’s cupcakes.





My next project was actually the first one I decided to make and I just let my sister pick what she wanted from Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Goodies for Fashion Foodies. The Popcorn Scarf. What kind of sister would I be if I didn’t provide her with matching mittens? I decided to go with the fingerless kind because I couldn’t get the popcorn stitch to work with my pattern.

fall 267








fall 314











Finally, for now I made my friend Nikki a set of fingerless gloves that I’ve been told have rainbow brite written all over them. I’m not quite convinced of that, but, in his defense he is a guy that told me that.

fall 315


I’ve got lots more things coming out soon. My next person to knock off my list is my AWESOME sister in law Danielle. I’m not sure if I want to make her a turtle something or a NMBC something. Then again, you never know what will come out of my freaky little head. It’s off to the crafting dungeon for now. XOXO J-ME


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