Saturday, December 4, 2010

Explaining Love

I got the privilege of overhearing a conversation the other day. between my middle oldest daughter and her grandmother and great grandmother. Natalie was wearing one of her newer outfits her Papaw Steve and Mamaw Rita got her. Her great grandmother asked her where she got such a pretty little outfit. Natalie beaming told her

“Mamaw Rita bought it for me because she loves me sooo much!”

Her grandmother, Stephen’s mother,  rudely (in my opinion), snapped at her.

“Just because some one buys you things doesn’t mean they love you. ”

This is when I noticed Natalie walking out of the door. Dramatically she stopped turned and said.

“God loves me and he doesn’t buy me things. I don’t think I can explain love. But, I sure can feel it.”

The wisdom of a child.

After than things were quiet and we decided to leave. But, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this. Just wanted to share it for everyone to read.


Nikki said...

It's amazing the things that a young child can come up with. But, so true. Your children are so smart. Not to mention cute and funny! :)

Cara said...

Ah, my little Miss Drama Queen. AND she's SMART! :)

~J-ME~ said...

She is honest and truly a gift. She has a way of touching people right where it's important.

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