Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I'm stumped. I had thought at one point both our older girls wanted a wii for Christmas. To my dismay, Natalie informed her daddy that she most certainly did not want a wii, all she wanted was barbie dolls and books. Chloe on the other hand, is all for a wii, and a ntntedo ds, and her own cell phone, and a computer. She's not living in the clouds at all is she? If we were to get a wii, it couldn't be just for one child it would be more of a shared gift. But, if one wants it and the other one doesn't what am I to do?  I'm pretty much decided on getting the wii for the two older one and Natalie will just have to discover later on that it's a good present to share.
Aggie. I've asked her on several occasions what she want Santa to bring her for Christmas. Her replies have all been a. Once, she brought me her toy food and told me "This!" Another time, she told me a baby. My favorite one was her pointing at her feet and said "glass slipper." (Aggie in under the illusion that she is Cinderella.)
Mikey, I think will be fairly easy this year. He seems content with toys that make noise and sing. I also thought since he's not capable of asking anyway, he's gonna get his now big car seat.
I've already began making all the girls some mittens and hats. And Mikey is gonna get a hat.
I always over think the holidays. I think it comes from my mother. She was very adamant on making sure everyone had something for Christmas. I like giving things to friends and family. It's a good feeling knowing that some one cares enough about you to pick you out a present that they think describes you!
What do I want? I always tell people to surprise me. I've told everyone that asks I want yarn. Stephen, gave me $40 and let me get the supplies for some of the Chirstmas presents. But I fear that may be my present from him. But, he did fork out a pretty penny for my new winter coat a few weeks ago. Which, someone buying me a coat is a big deal! Up until I was 15 I've had the same coat. A Dallas Cowboys starter coat. Which was bought way back before Starter sold out to Kmart. I always wore it with no complaints. I've told people that I needed a new coat all I ever got out of it was a sweater, or another hoodie, which I was fine with. I guess what I'm saying is. I'm glad that there is someone out there that knows what I want and need, and I like those I care about to know that I want to be able to give them those things too.
 To those of you who read. Have a great holiday season!


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