Monday, December 13, 2010

A Haunting Past

Christmas is almost here! i can't believe that we caved and bought the kids a wii. Well, the two older ones that is. I'm convinced that Chloe and Natalie will enjoy it. Not quite sure if they will be getting anything else to compliment it. But, whose to say right? I was given strict order that I wasn't allowed to open it and test it out. Stephen is of corse referring to the PS2 that I had purchased during our first time apart. (This being while we were dating in 01) He went to his Aunts house for what was supposed to be a weekend and stayed for nearly two weeks. I got bored and bought myself a PS2. He assumed it was for him since he had returned his newly purchased PS2 the week prior to him leaving. I've only allowed hi to continue with this illusion because he told me it was the nicest thing anyone ever bought for him. I'm not going to tell and  really wish that no one else would either!
Along with the purchase of the Wii was also a taking/shaking Sponge Bob, and a Dora Peritto Vet set for Aggie, AND a hat for Mikey. We're still looking for the perfect present for him. I'm sure it's out there somewhere and somehow I'm determined to find it. Mikey is at that age where you're not sure what to get him. I know that he could use clothes, what child couldn't use them. But, I want to get him something that maybe he can grow up with and carry around, or maybe keep into adult hood. I'm sentimental, I can't help it and it literally kills me that we are in a time now that gift cards are all the rage.
The past three years my father and step mother have given us money for Christmas. Not that I'm complaining about it. It's just that these are his grandchildren. Small grandchildren. My father was always at his best around Christmas. He would somehow on any budget find something Perfect for everyone on his list. I've gotten some of the most unique and memorable gifts from him. How can a child remember money? How is that giving? How is that considerate, for a teenager, or an adult, I'll consider it acceptable. But, I want my children to have something that they will make them look back and say
"Hey, Papaw Frank bought that for me when I was  a little girl." I'm over thinking again...


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