Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like Sands from the Hour Glass

So the New Year draws near. We all either have made up our minds as to a new resolution or are playing around with the idea of one. Myself, I usually never make one. Mostly because there wasn't really anything I could think of that would take me an entire year to see through. But, this year I'm seriously considering a couple. One for certain is I need to change my eating habits again. I'm not talking about going full on veggie again, god knows that didn't help me any. In fact it played a huge part in my anemia. I still have problems with my iron, even though I don't eat a lot of meat I need to. My second one that I'm toying around with in my mind is Sparrow Comics. I've got the makings of something great in my head, but it's still all relatively all new to me. I want to have a hand to spreading the joy and love of comic books to everyone. (how dorky was that?) But, I've also found that I would really love to get more into my fiber crafts. Perhaps even spinning... I mean I live in KY were I could seriously raise sheep and do the whole, wool yarn and hand dying stuff. How awesome would that be? Then I remember how Aggie is allergic to wool and get bummed out. But, she's not having reactions to it as she did this time last year. So then I wonder could I merge my two loves into one? Comic books and yarn? Sparrow Comics and Yarn?  ok ok ok I'm still working on like I said. But, it's worth a try is it not?  I'm sure there is some way that I could possibly, purchase local wool, hand dye it, spin it into yarn, (hopefully with out the appearance of Rumpelstiltskin ) and mix in my love of comic books somewhere... I think my blogging may just reflect this small and bizarre journey.  
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