Sunday, January 2, 2011

Geek Meets Craft

I’ve been struggling with a basis for my blog ever since I started it. Finally with the New Year I’ve come up with an idea. After some intense research I’ve discovered that there is so little crafting things to do with the things I love.  So, my goal is to at least collide my love of Geeky things with my love of fiber arts and crafts. We’re about to see how many projects Jami can handle at once. I’m toying with separate themes for each day during the length of a craft that is.I will either revel my inspiration for that craft, the process, and the finished results including the pattern if it’s one I’ve made myself or the link to the pattern.


So with this being Sunday, during my morning shower I had a brain storm. I want to make a purse that looks like Lasagna, but aside from Twinkie Chan and her book being the main inspiration what fat lazy cat do we know that LOVES lasagna? Garfield!!! lens2039534_1245352522garfield

So, Sunday is my Sunday Comics!!! I’ve already decided that I’m wanting it to resemble some of Twinkie Chan’s “cute-tility” packs. I’ve not yet decided if I’ll be buying cotton, acrylic, or wool. If I go with wool then I’ll felt it, but if I felt it some of the pattern ideas I’ve got may not work. I want the top cheese to look bubbly and melted


with spots of the sauce coming through. The noodles to be slightly wavy on the edges and a little crooked and slanted just like a good lasagna should be. I’m fairly confident that most of it will be single crochet. We will just have to be patient and wait until next Sunday to see what pattern my little brain has come up with. 

And just for fun here’s Lasagna Cat, I thought he was cute.



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