Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jami needs a makeover.

Ok, not so much as a makeover. But, I do need to do some work on my wardrobe. I discovered back in November that I don’t own anything to wear to funerals or anything along the lines of a dress. Well, none that fit… Sure some could say. “Go out and buy you one.” People have no idea how hard it is for me to shop. My style is sooo bizarr, even at 29… Geez I think that’s the first time I’ve typed it since it happened. I know that there is no way I could give up my comic book tees and jeans. But, I do love to get dressed up and look nice from time to time too. Not that I don’t look nice in my clothes. I guess, I just need to make a few small changes here and there. I am getting tired of people thinking I’m a teenager because of the way I dress. I would honestly really love to find a few rockabilly dresses and wear my victory rolls out and about more often. It sort of became a staple in my hairstyle for a little while. To be perfectly honest, I would like to drop my kids off and go out with a friend and have some serious shopping time. Preferably somewhere other than Grayson. I need my hari done, which sorry to say includes color. I have natural auburn hair that clashes with my dark eyebrows. So I usually color it black to dark brown. Here lately I’ve just let it go… Mostly to prepare it for some serious color changes. Like high lights or low lights. Something to give it a bit more dimension. What to do what to do… So sorry today’s post is so craft-less…. I did however get a few skeins of yarn I was running low on browns and completely out of red… Look for My EWOK tomorrow on Magic Monday!


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