Saturday, January 15, 2011

Favorite Friday on a Super Saturday!


So, what exactly are some of Jami’s favorite things ?…

Cartoon’s from my Childhood!

6a00cd970d30ae4cd500fa968deaa50003-320pi Thundercat-logo SPEED BUGGY BLACK 2

154603_468166839701_13220309701_5798863_1985265_n lens2039534_1245352522garfield rr

My kiddos!!! Aggie, Chloe. Natalie, and Mikey!

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l_0aab6c328729e6a7b546d94d27d3cb17august 081


13748_101658143191634_100000423469991_45787_1135888_naugust 052


My Comics…

august 103

Being silly with my sister…

fall 181 



and YARN!!!! I’m not gonna add pictures of my yarn and fabric. That would be more than one could bear lol… But that’s a few of my favorites… Hopefully next Friday I’ll be back on my game and have a pattern to share!


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