Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whatever Wednesday.


So, I decided to change my Wednesday post pattern/title.  I began to notice that I’ve got so many different little projects going on that I needed some sort of filler. So why not dedicate Wednesday to that? Sure I could take Saturday or Thursday. But, Whatever Wednesday had a much better ring to it. This week aside from my Dexter donuts and the beginning of my Wicket doll for Magic Monday, I’ve been scouring the web for useful household patterns. Along those lines I found a tawashi group on Ravelry. What the heck is a “Tawashi”???  Should I start a Tawashi Thursday??? That’s a joke, I think, maybe.. Making this first tawashi was pretty fun, and there are still plenty of different patterns I could put on that. Just keep watching I guess. But anyway, a tawashi is basically just a dish scrubber. I know how dorky right??? But really. How cute is this?

jami's projects 026

I found this pattern to give it a try at

After spend all of one hour to make this not only in left over yarn but also in the colors to match my kitchen minus the black. I then decided to check out the designer’s profile…. Meet Linda Permann. She’s one of those people you just love to see what will come next. That's when I found her pattern for a swiffer sock!!! Honestly I love my Swiffer, but haven’t the extra money for pads. This solves that problem and once again in colors to match my kitchen!!!

jami's projects 028 jami's projects 031

So, along with that I also made a pint size Buttered Toast scarf from Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies! I still need to add the butter pats but that’s a quickie.

jami's projects 029

Other than that I’ve just been working on the Lasagna Purse, Wicket Doll, and My newest Favorite Friday project.  Keep reading and watching. You never know when I’ll have another original out there.


Maggi said...

Wow, you've gotten a lot done! I need to make those Swiffer pads for sure. Awesome stuff!

Jamison Star said...

I got super excited when I found that pattern. And it was sooo easy too.

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