Monday, January 10, 2011

Magic Monday

Ok, so I did promise to put a lining into Elphaba’s bag and Galinda’s Clutch. The good news is…. Elphaba’s Bag is lined and looking cute!

jami's projects 013

The bad news is I need a new sewing machine or at least have mine tuned up. It keeps losing tension and the thread begins to bunch up. It’s either that or Elphaba loathes Galinda so much she’s not going to allow me to put a lining in it. Hey! It’s possible. What really sucks about it is, I have the most awesome pink sateene that just makes this clutch POP! Alas, my machine doesn’t want to cooperate with me, and my many attempts to fix it. :/ I will however, have it up and running soon. I did come across a few minor problems in lining these.

Because of the open crocheting it has you need to line the lining. Other wise you’re going to be able to see the stitching. Basically what I did was make the lining, turn it  right side out, with the stitches on the inside and then make an identical lining and place it inside of the first lining, with the stitching on the outside. Just like another bag entirely, then hemmed the linings together and finally sewed the lining to the purse. It seems like a lot of extra steps and perhaps it is. As my sewing skills are somewhat dismal (that is with purse linings. Ask me about clothing, quilts, and aprons).

About my absence on Monday! To my lasagna, Garfield fans I’m sooooo sorry. I’ve had a sick husband home all week. 8o It’s been a bit on the hectic side here in my little Dungeon. But, I did get a lot of the pattern done. I’m soon going to be in search of the perfect wool colors and felting it when I know the pattern is most EXCELLENT!  Right now, were looking at a base that is the cheese in all it’s melted glory, I’m thinking a ice creamy yellow. With some dark red speckled with some green perhaps and white for the ricotta and spinach and wavy noodles along the edges in layers of course. I’m thinking a cream color or a very pale yellow. Here is what I’ve got so far. I”ve started with the “noodles” around one edge and the middle but haven’t taken pictures yet.

jami's projects 010

Once it’s finished in the wools that I’m wanting and felted, I’ll post some more on it on it’s proper day!

Now it’s time that I got to my Magic Monday Post, My next wizard I plan to dedicate a project to is Willow Ufgood.


You may know him from the George Lucas file Willow played by Warwick Davis. Warwick in his own right has some pretty amazing magic characters under his belt. To begin with his first appearence being an Ewok on Endor to his recurring role as The Leprechaun and most recently as Professor Flitwick and the Goblin Griphook in the Harry Potter Series.

wicket lepclassic Warwick-David-image-Harry-Potter-3 griphook

I had full intentions to go full on WIllow, but in response to these amazing roles and his lifetime of many other great characters I couldn’t decided on just Willow. So…I’m going to begin doing amigurumi and base it on Warwick’s career! It’s only logical, that I begin with Wicket, the cute little fuzzy wuzzy, that launched his career.


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