Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T.V. Tuesday! Dexter Donut Guy

Today or T.V. Tuesday I thought I would honor my favorite serial killer, Dexter Morgan, as played by Michael C. Hall.

dexter dew

Dexter is an anti-hero of sorts. Much like vengeful hero’s on the past only instead of bringing the criminals to justice he ends the lives of murders. He lives by the “Code of Harry”. A simple list of rules set by his, adoptive policeman father. He works as a blood analyst at the Miami Metro Police. Part of the code is for Dexter to fit in, as he is not like everyone else. He doesn’t feel emotions,so as part of this cover Dexter is the donut guy.


To honor that small title I’ve made a few hand crafted donuts.

jami's projects 016

The chocolate one is a pattern that can be found on the Lion’s Brand website. The oozy one ,is of my own creation it was supposed to look like someone had taken a bit out of it. But you know how that goes, flu season and all. I call it Raspberry Scream! I know I’m a total dork. But, here’s the pattern.


Raspberry Scream “Dexter” Donut.

jami's projects 017


H hook

tapestry or yarn needle

Red Hart Super Saver Tan yarn

Lily Sugar n Cream Country Red yarn

poly fill stuffing.


ch- chain

st- stitch

slst- slip stitch

sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

dc- double crochet

tr- triple crochet

scdec- single crochet decrease

() – crochet amount shown in same st

[] – pattern is to be repeated as patterns specifies


With H hook and tan yarn ch 2 in second ch from hook do 6 sc.

Round 1: (2sc) in each sc. slst to first sc to join (12 st)

Rnd2: [sc, (2sc)] repeat to beginning sc slst to join. (24 st)

Rnd3: [2 sc, (2sc)] repeat to beginning sc, slst to join (30 st)

Rnd4: [3 sc, (2sc)] repeat to beginning sc, slst to join (36 st)

Row 4:Use a stitch marker and mark the start of this row. You are no longer working in the round.  8sc, 1hdc, 1dc, [(2 dc), 4 dc] repeat until last three sc. 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1sc.

Row 5: ch 1 turn, sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, [(2 dc), 5dc] repeat until last three st. 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc.

Row 6-7: ch 1 turn, sc evenly across. At the end of Row 7  join the two opposite ends with a slst to form a round.

Round 9: [4sc, scdec] repeat pattern to the joining slst. slst to first sc to join.

Rnd 10: [3 sc, scdec] repeat pattern to first sc, slst to first sc to join

Rnd 11: [2 sc, scdec] repeat pattern to first sc slst to first sc to join

Rnd 12: [sc, scdec] repeat pattern to first sc, slst to first sc to join.

Rnd 13: scdec in every st. Bind off

Stuff with poly fill at the “Bitten” opening

Raspberry Scream Filling:

With the H hook join the Red yarn to the right corner of the “Bitten” opening. Sc in both ends of opening. evenly across.

Row 2: sc evenly across

here is where you can get creative. Just sc and scdec to the desired width and length. Adding (4dc) and (5dc)  to make rouns of jelly filling here and there.

Topping: (glaze/drizzle)

You can make a glaze or the jelly drizzle like I did.

jami's projects 025 

Ch 30, slst evenly across and st to the top of the donut. and there you have it.

I’ll admit it does seem a bit more complicated than what it looks, and let me know if the pattern is off any at all. I’m siting it by memory. I know, I know… If I’m gonna be making things and sharing the patterns with ya’ll I need to start writing them down as I go… I’ll get better I promise!


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