Monday, January 24, 2011

Magic Monday Flop.

I started work on WIllow. Let me rephrase that. I started work on Willow three times. Each time something didn’t work, didn’t look right, or simply I hate what I had created. Also, let us not forget that I am a mother of four kids and one mischievous pup. Here recently Toby and Mikey have teamed up. 

fall 309


Mikey has begun climbing on the couch, and after watching Toby jumping off many, many times. He decided to give it a try. But not to worry! He hasn’t succeeded . He merely get on his hands and knees and does a little back kick. It’s quite cute, but nerve racking to watch. Then it’s not the first time this boy of mine has given me cause to have a heat attack. We can’t forget the Thanksgiving incident involving Mikey and the chocolate covered strawberries.

 Copy (2) of fall 271

(His daddy was standing by to make sure he didn’t actually fall while I took the picture.)

Along with this new found alliance Toby has raged a war against Aggie. Mikey being the baby brother was just simply born the enemy of Aggie. I’m sure they love each other but isn’t that the role of the brother? To pick and tease the sister/sisters? Toby, thus far has mutilated Aggie’s Belle Barbie doll she got in her stocking.

 jami's projects 070 january 012

There is more damage to her legs, but really the arms is what got Aggie upset. Her daddy has agreed to buy her another one, but this full on assault has only happened to Aggie’s toys. The other casualties have been one of her Cinderella dolls, an eggplant, both scones, a donut, and her ballet slipper house shoes. This is getting to the point that I’m annoyed. I was told to keep Aggie toys off the floor. But, if memory serves me Chloe and Natalie’s Princess dolls were in the floor along with Aggie’s Belle and Cinderella. Mikey’s Chuck truck and Toothless Dragon has been in the floor during Aggie’s tea parties. I’m convinced that Toby hates or is jealous of Aggie. What’s a momma to do? I think I should get a cat! Not a kitten, as Lord knows the last two kittens didn't last long in my house in the arms of poor loveable Aggie. She reminds me of Elmira from Tiny Toons.

august 175 elmyra_fudd

I think this is all due to some freak chance we all have cabin fever. Granted, I’m not snowed in, but I’m not really able to get out with all four children. With Stephen working nights, and sleeping during the days I’m on my own 24/7 with them all. I don’t understand the system they use to judge the conditions. There’s isn’t an inch on the ground and they keep calling school off. I don’t think they understand that the more they call it off the longer they have to stay in during the warmer months. What I would give for a nice warm vacation. I’ve already mapped out everything we need and managed a budget for a nice little vacation to Disneyland OR Disney World. See, more evidence that it’s cabin fever. HELP!!!!

You would think with all this extra time I would be rafting my little fingers off. I should be. I’m about to start another Cupcake Wallet. This one is actually a special order and now I have to figure out how to add a cherry on top…. I think though, that this time I’ll go with a pink theme


July 109 July 111

Oh the price of being creative… Really I don’t mind it. I actually enjoy it, that someone out there likes my ideas. It lets me know I’m not alone in the world!  Just think had I not the use of the internet, I might feel more like a weirdo than I already do! Until next time. Ciao!


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Ha, these are awesome pictures! Poor Belle! lol Hope you get a chance to get out soon! :D

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